About Us

Shane Reinhard

Hi, I am Shane Reinhard, owner and operator of Reinhard’s 4 Seasons. I passionately began this business with the intent that clients and spectators can admire the unique skill and craftsmanship that Reinhard’s 4 Seasons provides. I really enjoy the challenge of having hundreds and/or thousands of people admiring our work from the street while also exceeding the wants and needs of our customers.

What differentiates R4S from our competition is not only the quality of work you are given, but just as importantly the level of customer service that you receive. Our goal here at R4S is to not be the biggest, but to simply do our best work for an honest price. We make a point to know our customers by names, not by address. And to show up, work, and leave like professionals with our uniformed staff and top of the line equipment.